Westfair Online: “Public art reaches new heights in Stamford”

On Monday, June 4, Seward Johnson's Forever Marilyn sculpture was installed in Stamford's Latham Park for Timeless - The Works of Seward Johnson exhibit. We hope Johnson's monumental [...]

Hey Stamford!: “Gigantic Marilyn Monroe Sculpture Visits Latham Park”

Summer 2018's Timeless – The Works of Seward Johnson exhibition is now on display in and around Stamford Downtown. The outdoor exhibit features pieces from [...]

HamletHub: “Lifelike Bronze Sculptures To Be Installed in Stamford Downtown Next Week”

Timeless-The Works of Seward Johnson is about to begin and all of us at UC Funds are gearing up for the much-anticipated exhibit! We [...]

Stamford Patch: “Marilyn Monroe Statue To Grace Downtown Stamford”

We look forward to presenting Timeless-The Works of Seward Johnson, featuring the artist's iconic Forever Marilyn sculpture, in early June. We are honored to take [...]

Stamford Advocate: “Massive Marilyn Monroe sculpture coming to downtown Stamford”

At UC Funds, we're thrilled to present Timeless - The Works of Seward Johnson exhibit in downtown Stamford throughout the summer. We look forward to [...]

Commercial Investment Real Estate: “Senior Housing”

CEO of UC Funds Daniel M. Palmier sat down with Sara Patterson of Commercial Investment Real Estate to discuss the current state of senior [...]

HamletHub: “Giant Marilyn Monroe Installation to Land in Stamford”

Stamford Downtown's UC Funds presents Timeless – The Works of Seward Johnson will feature Seward Johnson's Forever Marilyn sculpture from his Icons Revisited collection, on [...]

Multifamily Executive: “The New Investment Landscape”

For a feature in Multifamily Executive, CEO of UC Funds, Daniel Palmier, discusses 2018's investment landscape, which multifamily markets to focus on, and how [...]

HamletHub: “Seward Johnson Bronze Sculptures On View in Stamford This Summer”

From June through August, Stamford Downtown will be featuring the beautiful and unique lifelike bronze sculptures of Seward Johnson in UC Funds presents Timeless – [...]

The Best Ever Show: “He’s Got Capital For Your Deals with Dan Palmier”

CEO of UC Funds, Daniel Palmier, sat down with Joe Fairless, host of The Best Ever Show, the longest running daily real estate podcast, [...]