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Recent Transactions

Multi family housing connecticut

Recent Transactions

Portfolio of recent UC Funds commercial real estate capital finance transactions.

$38 Million Renovation in Jacksonville, FL

$38 Million Renovation in Jacksonville, FL

$38 Million Adaptive Reuse in Atlanta, GA

$10,900,000 Light Renovation in Texas

$24,200,000 Renovation in Indiana

$20,300,000 New Construction

$23.4 Million Adaptive Reuse in Cincinnati, OH

$57 Million New Construction in Fairfield County, CT

$35 Million New Construction: Lafayette Park Detroit, MI

Pioneer Medical in Salt Lake City Utah

$35 Million AAA Multifamily, Washington

$37.5 Million in Oakland, CA

$32 Million New Construction in Washington

$5 Million Multifamily Renovation in Tallahassee, FL

Mesa, AZ: $6.8 Million Adaptive Reuse

Boise, ID: $12.4 Million New Construction

Birmingham, AL: $9.3 Million Adaptive Reuse

San Antonio, TX: $19 Million Adaptive Reuse

Seattle, WA: $19 Million Multifamily New Construction

Indianapolis, IN: $33 Million Multifamily

Berkeley, CA: $13 Million Student Housing

Orlando, FL: $35 Million Land Refinance

Gulf Shores, Alabama: $30 Million Multifamily

Boston, MA: $10.5 MM Multifamily New Construction

$26,800,000 Multifamily in Newtown, CT

Chicago, IL – $35 Million Senior Living Adaptive Reuse in Chicago, IL

Richmond, VA, Multifamily $21,300,000

Los Angeles, CA, Ground Up Construction, $30 Million

Memphis, TN, First Mortgage, $14,650,000

Newark, NJ, First Mortgage, $18,500,000

Waco, TX, First Mortgage, $16,800,000

Fort Wayne, Indiana, First Mortgage, $8,000,000

New York, NY, First Mortgage, $6,000,000

University of Florida, First Mortgage, $25,900,000

Dobbs Ferry, NY, First Mortgage, $10,800,000

Philadelphia, PA, First Mortgage, $20,750,000

Minneapolis, MN, Multifamily, $20,000,000

Florida, Multifamily $7,000,000

Georgia, Student Housing, $10,500,000

Philadelphia, Mixed Use: $20,600,000

Detroit, MI: $36,000,000

Minneapolis, MN $20,000,000

New Orleans, LA $27,000,000

Seattle, WA 21,000,000

Magnolia Station, Dallas, Texas

Stamford, CT $46,000,000

Student Housing, Indiana: $16,000,000

Multi-Family, NY: $10,800,000

Adaptive Re-Use, GA: $18,000,000

Multi-Family, VA: $9,950,000

Multi-Family, NY: $12,520,000

Multi-Family, TX: $44,000,000

Hospitality, CA: $24,000,000

Adaptive Reuse, AL: $10,400,000

Multifamily | Equity Investment, GA: $11,000,000

Multi-Family Equity, SC: $5,700,000

Hospitality, Adaptive Reuse, PA: $24,150,000

Multi-Family & Retail, MO: $29,800,000

Student Housing, Equity Investment, UT: $20,500,000

Multifamily, KS: $29,500,000

Retail, GA: $4,600,000

Residential Acquisition, NY: $21,600,000

Construction | Bridge Loan, PA: $18,600,000

Multifamily-Acquisition, KS: $6,000,000

$34.5 Million Senior Living Adaptive Reuse in Chicago, IL

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