Meet The UC Funds Team

Since 2010, UC Funds invested in over 150 transactions and $3 billion of equity. UC Funds has over 65 employees and is known as the “go to” provider of sophisticated capital solutions across the nation. Starting in 2010, UC Funds was twice named “Company of the Month” by New York Real Estate Journal. Palmier was recently voted one of the “Best Bosses in the Business” by Real Estate Forum.

Dan Palmier

Founder & CEO

Anna Collins

EVP of Operations

James Osten

Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Oniffrey

Managing Director,  Capital Markets, Originations

Rosemarie McElwee

SVP, Business Development & Marketing

Domenico Manago

Managing Director, Sales

Joseph Ambrose

SVP of Production

Ross Pemmerl

Chief Credit Officer


Michael Gatto

Senior Originator

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Felix Giuffrida

Commercial Loan Originator

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Michael S. Magner

Commercial Loan Originator

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Domenico Manago

Managing Director of Sales

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Cathy Oniffrey

Managing Director

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